About me

I am currently an Emile Noël Global Fellow at NYU School of Law and a senior researcher at Professor Tietje’s Chair for Public Law, European Law and International Economic Law at the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.

I also work on my research project “Non-judicial rights review. The Promise and Limits of Rights Review by Public Non-Judicial Institutions in Germany, the EU and the UN” within the framework of the “Temporary Positions for Principal Investigators”-programme of the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Research Focus

  • Constitutional Law and Constitutional Theory (Constitutional Courts, Law of Politics, Constitutional Rights, Proportionality, Comparative Constitutional Law, Institutional Analysis, Multi-Level Orders)
  • Administrative Law (Global Administrative Law, Regulation, Security, Data Protection)
  • EU Law (EU Constitutional Law, EU Economic Law)
  • Public International Law (International Economic Law, Human Rights, International Courts, International Organizations, United Nations)


Constitutional Adjudication in a Networked World Order

Coordination mechanisms in inter-order judicial networks

Habilitation Project

Non-judicial rights review

The Promise and Peril of constitutional rights review by non-judicial institutions